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We are always honored to advise our clients regarding Medicaid planning for nursing home assistance for their loved ones. We specialize in obtaining Medicaid nursing home assistance for our clients who are in immediate need of long-term care.

Unfortunately, our modern health care systems are founded on the principles of acute care and are focused on curing the patient’s immediate health care need or reacting to the pending health care crisis. It is important to understand that there is another group of elderly clients who for many years have been neglected by Medicare. These are the older clients who have chronic illness that require a continuity of care. Without assistance in the home or in assisted living facilities, these elderly clients may fall and break a hip or perhaps injure themselves much more severely. This will of course result in skilled care and perhaps extended custodial care in a nursing home that perhaps could have been avoided with the implementation of a good home health care system.

It is important to remember that, an “impairment” does not mean that an institutionalized form of long-term care is required. It is only after a chronic condition takes its toll on the elder’s health and self-care is no longer necessary that long-term care may become needed.

Not all services selected for the elder may be affordable. For instance, assisted living, for the most part, is not paid for by Medicare or Medicaid. Often, a senior with early stage dementia is inappropriately placed in a nursing home because Medicaid pays for this form of custodial care and not assisted living. But, with “fine-tuning” the elder’s home can be sold or a reverse mortgage taken and the elder can pay the difference between his or her social security and pension income and the cost of the assisted living facility with this additional lump sum for many years. VA Aid and Attendance may also be available to defray the excess expense of assisted living over current income sources. In addition, many communities and charitable organizations have senior transportation services, homebound meal programs, adult day care programs, property tax relief, assistance with paying utility bills, homemaker assistance and sitter service. Many of these programs are coordinated by the local Area Agency on Aging. In addition, there are some Medicaid waiver programs.

The attorneys and staff at the Nature Coast Law Offices of Gregory G. Gay, P.A., assist clients in developing, preparing, implementing, and the monitoring of a Life Care Plan. For individuals who now have or may have chronic long-term care needs, a Life Care Plan will help plan for current and future needs. A Life Care Plan includes assistance with coordination of community resources, and identifying and accessing payor sources (such as Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, drug discount programs, and the like). After the development of a Life Care Plan, it can be used by you as a guide toward maintaining the highest quality of life.

Please let us know if we can help you or a loved one with a life care plan.